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Polls related to Linux

Do you use Linux OS?

If you don’t use Linux, why not?

In your opinion, how many computers in the world are run on Linux OS?

When you bought your computer, what OS did it have preinstalled?

Are you a programmer?

What do you like the most about Linux?

Do you use GIMP?

Do you use

Do you ever use SSH?

Do you use CPanel / WHM on your server?

Do you ever use Windows OS?

Do you ever use Mac OS?

Do you ever use Android OS?

Do you use PHP in your website?

Do you use MySQL in your website?

Have you ever used phpMyAdmin?

Is your website hosted on a Linux OS?

Your website is hosted on:

Do you host your website on an Apache server?

You read your e-mail:

How many RSS feeds are you subscribed to?

Do you know that Android OS is based on Linux?

What mail server do you use?

What desktop environment do you prefer?

Do you read Linux Format magazine?

What video player for Linux do you prefer?

Do you use MPlayer?

Do you use VLC Media Player?

Do you use Xine video player?

Do you use Totem video player?

Do you use Ogle Media Player?

What browser do you like the most?

What Linux distribution do you like the most?

Have you ever used PostgreSQL?

Have you ever used Audacity?

Do you use Ubuntu distribution?

Do you use Suse distribution?

Do you use Fedora distribution?

Do you use Red Hat Linux Distribution?

You can program on:

Do you use Scilab?

Do you use Inkscape?

Do you subscribe to Linux Format magazine?

Do you use K3b software?

Have you ever used Recoll software?

How proficient are you in Bash?

Do you use Webmin?

Do you ever run Windows programs on Linux using Wine?

Have you ever used Scribus?

Have you ever used Blender (3D-modelling software)?

Have you ever used Squid (an open source proxy-server)?

Do you use Data Crow?

Do you use antivirus software on your Linux OS?

What CMS is your website based on?

Where do you backup your precious files to?

Your VPS runs on:

What e-mail client do you use under Linux OS?